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News on TNA TV after Bound For Glory, the move to Wednesday was a last minute decision

TNA announced this week that they'll be doing TV tapings in Bethlehem, PA next month. Originally they had booked the Manhattan Center in New York City. Bethlehem would be cheaper to run. The strange thing is that the first day and part of the second day of tapings air before Bound For Glory in Japan but the rest of the tapings air after BFG. This would mean that they can't do title matches on those shows because that would give away the Bound For Glory plans.

The origianal plan was for Wrestle-1 to find an arena in Japan so they could tape TV after Bound For Glory. At this point, as far as people in Japan know, plans haven't changed. Gifu and Osaka, Japan are being considered.

The move to Wednesday was obviously a last minute decision. Mike Tenay and Taz did voice overs for the show two days before it was announced and nothing was said in the commentary so that should tell you how much of a last minute decision it was. The only time the move to Wednesdays was mentioned was during 15 second commercial that were added by Spike TV.

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