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News on wrestlers complaining to TNA management about the six sided ring

We noted earlier this week that wrestlers were not happy about TNA changing over to the six sided ring because the ring is harder on their bodies. Apparently that was the feeling among most of the wrestlers in the company. In 2010 the regulars at the time were not happy about them going back to four sides. The complaints now about the six sided ring are that the ropes are stiffer, footing is tougher, and certain parts of the ring are harder. There were a number of wrestlers that didn't complain publicly but did complain privately to management about the change but they were told that the company wants to look different.

The six sided ring returns at tonight's TV tapings in New York.

A note on the tickets sales... the company is running the 800 seat venue in the Manhattan Center but has had trouble selling out the venue. As noted, they are saying that Friday is sold out but with all the media they've done they should have sold out all three shows this week.

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