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Nick “Magnus” Aldis praises Brock Lesnar, comments on TNA competing with WWE

Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Nick “Magnus” Aldis spoke with Chad Dukes about various topics that include Brock Lesnar and TNA. Here are the highlights.

On Brock Lesnar: “I think one day, people may not realize it right now, but I think that one day, I feel like when I’m old, my grandkids might say to me, ‘Did you know Brock Lesnar?’ He’s a once in a lifetime, what an incredible story. I mean it’s not like he’s a two-sport athlete in the sense, like a Bo Jackson, but he’s close to it because he’s an entertainer on one side of it but then like this incredible MMA fighter, and you can’t deny his credentials in that. I remember watching him, a whole bunch of us watched him beat Randy Couture for the UFC title, I was sitting there with Kurt Angle, he himself did a lot for the credibility of our business.”

On TNA: “People can say what they want about TNA, but when business was good with TNA, and I was there arguably at its peak of their business, they did provide competition to the WWE. Not necessarily in the sense of television ratings, but you could even argue now that TNA’s past numbers on Spike were not that far off what Smackdown is now. They were much more comparable than people like to pretend they were with revisionist history, but that what they did more importantly was they provided a leverage factor for talent and they provided an alternative place to go and make a living because guys could say, ‘Yeah I might make half a million bucks at WWE but what if TNA wants to offer me not as much but for a much lighter schedule and I can go and do other things.’ That was a significant situation to be in for a lot of talent, and I think that was one of the reasons why we saw a lot of guys like RVD and people like that in TNA. It’s a shame that they’re perhaps not in a situation anymore to be able to offer that alternative to the talent.“

Aldas also talked about the way Roman Reigns is being booked by WWE and more. You can listen to the entire interview here.

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