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Officials from Spike TV attend Bound For Glory; show considered a success

In Japan, the TNA Bound For Glory show was considred to be a success and one person described it to be like a NOAH show from six or seven years ago. There was a big walk up for the show and merchandise was said to have sold great. The Knockouts calendar's sold very well there. There was interest in doing something there again going forward. People in Japan would like to do some Impact shows in Japan like TNA does in the UK but TNA has to consider the expense of flyig enough talent for weeks of TV. There was also talk of doing more trading of talent. The name that was talked about the most was Ryota Hama. The one negative on him is that he's such a big guy that he is so big that they'd have to buy two airplane ticket instead of one to fly him in to the United States.

However, none of this can happen until TNA gets their TV deal signed. The Gail Kim vs. Havok match was put on second to last because John Gaburick has the WWE mentality that the women's matches go on before the main event. The match was designed to be a buffer match between Team 3D and Great Muta. Velvet Sky was on the show as a favor to Bully Ray.

There were officials from Spike TV at Bound For Glory in Japan.

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