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PHOTO: Eddie Edwards appears at Impact Wrestling taping the night after being hit in face with a baseball bat

You’ve really got to give it to Eddie Edwards. After all, not many people can walk away from being hit in the face by a baseball bat, let alone keep looking for a fight.

At Saturday night’s television taping, Sami Callihan went a little nuts on Edwards as he put a chair over Edwards and hit the furniture with a baseball bat. The bat slipped and blasted Edwards in the face and the blood was soon running all over the place.

Edwards was taken to a nearby hospital after this botched baseball bat attack, but it looks like he’s fine. He even tweeted at his fans to update them on his status.

But a broken up face isn’t going to keep a guy like Eddie Edwards away from a fight. He showed up at the taping on the next night with a baseball bat of his own and as you can see, his face is pretty jacked up.

Let’s hope he doesn’t rush back into the fight too early before his injuries can really heal up. But it is certainly a big sign of his determined nature and love for the business that he showed up in the first place. Because who would have blamed him for taking the night off?

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