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Questions for Dixie Carter…

As Andrew noted earlier, Dixie Carter held a meeting this past weekend and she, according to, told the talents not to read what is being said online about the company and she said that websites are not reporting the replay numbers and DVR numbers. Well, that is not true since we DO report on the replay numbers every week and, as Andrew noted on Monday, Impact Wrestling drew 358,000 viewers at 9pm eastern and 105,000 viewers for the 11pm west coast replay. You can see all of the Impact ratings reports (they all include the replay) at this link. The sad thing here is that the shows are actually much better since the move to Destination America. If only the shows could have been as good on Spike.

I have a few questions for Dixie carter.

1) Should the talents not believe that it was Spike TV’s decision to dump Impact Wrestling from their schedule or should they believe that it was TNA’s decision to move to a network that most fans had never heard about and many fans do not have access to?

2) Should the talents believe that it was TNA’s decision to drop all of the weekend programming from Destination America? Who’s decision was that? Why wouldn’t they worry when they see that company is in a worse position than it was when it was on Spike? How can you spin the fact that your show went from being on a network available in most homes to a lesser known network on Friday night? If you really made the decision to leave Spike on your own, as you would claim, then that is bad business.

3) Should the talent believe the excuses about late pay? Did their paychecks get stuck in the mailbox? Did paychecks get delayed because of bad weather? Did paychecks really get delayed because of corporate offices being relocated in Dallas? Also, should we believe that the company is fine after several members of production received their paychecks several months late?

4) Should the talent not worry about the China tour being cancelled and should they not have to worry about getting themselves booked on independent shows because TNA is not running house shows?

5) Should talent think everything is ok when names like Samoa Joe, Taz, Eric Bischoff, Sting, Kevin Nash, Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles, Frankie Kazarian, Hector Guerrero, King Mo, Sanada, several of the TNA office staff, and many others have left the company in the past year?

Oh, and those ratings? They come straight from Nielson. They are the same ratings system that WWE uses and the same ratings system that every television show uses to gauge how many people are watching. We, and several other websites, report the ratings every week that come straight from Nielson. That includes the replay rating. If, and when Nielson provides the DVR numbers, then we’ll post those numbers too. You will notice that we don’t post WWE DVR numbers either because they are not published by Nielson. Or better yet, why don’t you post the numbers on

If things are fine in TNA then maybe you’d want to start making sure that your talent and staff gets paid on time and maybe you’d want to start increasing pay and getting some of your talent locked into long-term contracts. That shouldn’t be a problem because things are good in TNA, aren’t they?

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