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Rampage Jackson says he saw the writing on the wall with TNA and he will never go back there

Rampage Jackson was interviewed by The Fight Nerd and didn’t hold back on his feelings on TNA. He also said that he’d never go back because of how they run their business.

To be honest with you, you haven’t seen me in a while. I soon as I saw the operation, there were no plans for me to go back. They had a lot of momentum with me when I came out with Kurt Angle…I was supposed to wrestle Kurt Angle. They lost all momentum. They didn’t utilize me. I gave them a couple of ideas on how to utilize me. They wanted me to wrestle professional fighters in pro wrestling. They had no idea what they were doing in my opinion so no you won’t see me in TNA ever again.

He also said that they never came through on things that were promised. He said that there were a lot of cool people there like Chavo Guerrero and Bully Ray and he wished the best for them.

On TNA possibly going under he said “I saw the writing on the wall.” He said that he’s planning on doing stuff with Chavo in the future. You can watch Rampage talk about TNA in the video below.


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