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Reason why Bully Ray back did not return to Impact Wrestling last week

PWInsider reports that Bully Ray (the former Bubba Ray Dudley) did not return to Impact Wrestling last week because he was at odds with what creative had for him. As noted last week, Bully Ray was close to returning and there were talks about his being slotted as a top star with the company. Once Impact figured that a deal would not be made with Bully, then they went ahead and worked out a deal to bring in Alberto El Patron.

The belief, according to one source, was that Velvet Sky would have returned to the company if Bully was signed but Jarrett bailed once her name was brought up. I’m not sure if there is heat with Velvet or if there are other reasons for not wanting to bring her back.

Like it or not, Jarrett is taking charge of how things are handled at Impact. One of the things that people complained about with the old regime was the way things were handled with different people having their hands in the cookie jar. A clear and concise vision is what Impact needs and that is what Jarrett is attempting to do so I can see why he would pass on a talent that is not lined up with his creative plans.

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