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Reason why Sami Callihan was booked to beat Tessa Blanchard at Impact Wrestling Slammiversary

If you missed Slammiversary, you should really check out the show. If you only watch one match then you should really check out the intergender main event match between Tessa Blanchard and Sami Callihan.

Dave Meltzer reported this week that the idea to make that match the main event is because they see the potential for Blanchard to become the biggest star in the company.

Blanchard lost the match and the reason for that is that the company feels that having her win might bring some backlash against her and they are doing everything right now to build her as a strong babyface.

By losing, she still comes out the winner in the end. In fact, Callihan left her in the ring after the show so the fans could give her a standing ovation.

Impact is considered by many to be the wrestling show in America but sadly, they are hurt because they are on a TV network that very few people have access to and the Twitch deal is not getting enough eyeballs. There are rumors of a potential deal with AXS TV but nothing has been signed as of yet.

Here is the reaction for Blanchard after she lost the match to Callihan at Slammiversary:

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