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Reason why Toby Keith didn't buy TNA

You might remember back in December there were reports that a big name celebrity was interested in buying TNA. There was an internal memo sent out to talent and employees denying that the company was for sale. That actually was not true and there were serious talks between Toby Keith and TNA. The deal breaker was that Bob Carter wanted his daughter Dixie Carter to remain as an on-screen character with the company, specifically as figurehead TNA President. They even got to the point where plans were being finalized but once Bob Carter added that stipulation then everything broke down and Keith (and Jeff Jarrett, who put Dixie in touch with Keith) decided that it was just better to start a new company from scratch.

It will be interesting to see what happens later this year when TNA's deal is up with Spike TV. There are rumors that CMT is interested in Toby Keith's new promotion but if Spike dumps TNA then Keith could land on that network instead and have a much better shot at being a big number 2 company.

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