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REPORT: Bobby Roode & Eric Young left TNA because they were owed six-figures

If you are one of the very few people still wondering why TNA is so damaged as a brand, watch PWR host Dameon Nelson and David Herro talk about TNA’s problems on the Pro Wrestling Report. Herro is the founder of Great Lakes Championship Wrestling and he has a ton of contacts in the wrestling business.

In regards to TNA’s issues with paying talent and perception by fans, Hero said, “When they do pay their talent, they’re paying them nothing. Their biggest stars [are] Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy and EC3.” He added, “Their TNA Wold Heavyweight Impact Wrestling Champion is a guy that was doing 2-minute jobs on Monday Night Raw 2 and a half years ago.” Hero noted that Galloway is a stud and a great wrestler. He added, “You’re telling the wrestling world that was watching 3MB doing jobs to Hornswoggle, [that Galloway] is now the champion of your wrestling company.”

Hero pointed out that it’s not a dig on Drew and it’s the fault of the way he was booked. He also pointed out that EC3 was fired from NXT and is now one of TNA’s biggest stars.

Another interesting tidbit from the show came at the 11:35 mark. Apparently, Bobby Roode and Eric Young left the company because of issues with pay. Herro said, “Bobby Roode and Eric Young left because they were owed a combined six-figures. How do you not pay those two guys? You let Bobby Roode go… a guy who could have gone to WWE but he wanted to be loyal to the company. Thank God he left. He’ll be a big star in NXT. He’ll make the main roster in a year from now. Same with Eric Young.”

How can you fix TNA? Herro says, “you need to bury TNA.” He says that they need to write it all off and be done with it. He added, “I wish Ring Of Honor would buy TNA. They already have the infrastructure in place. They already have the TV deal alone. They’re already in more markets than Pop TV. TNA does not get paid by Pop TV. They bartered for time.”

Herro noted that TNA was running house shows in the cheapest buildings and the worst towns. Herro said that there was a time when he helped TNA for house shows in Racine, Wisconsin and Chicago, IL and they sent him the posters with Grand Rapids, Michigan printed on them. The problem with that is that Grand Rapids is a 6 and a half-hour drive from Wisconsin.

TNA has not run a domestic house show since October 2015 and there are none scheduled, according to their website. Herro also noted that none of these problems are the fault of the talent because they are so handcuffed on so many things.

Check out the show below. If you are in Milwaukee, then you can also listen to the show on 540 ESPN. It’s worth checking out.


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