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REPORT: Impact Wrestling knew Tessa Blanchard was never going to appear on Slammiversary but they continued to advertise her

There is actually more to the story on Impact Wrestling parting ways with Tessa Blanchard and it looks like the story that got out this week was Impact’s side of things.

Dave Meltzer discussed this story on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio and noted that Blanchard’s contract was due to expire soon and she had already told the company that she was not going to fly out during the pandemic due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Blanchard lives with her boyfriend Daga in Mexico and there was a fear that if she flew into the United States then she would not be able to fly back because of travel restrictions.

“The whole Tessa Blanchard and Impact thing, it’s all about COVID,” Meltzer said on WOR. “It’s like nobody’s fault. It’s not Impact’s fault, other than they did advertise her for a match after her contract was up and kind of knowing that she wasn’t gonna come because she made it clear that she’s not coming during COVID and there was a fear that if she went that she couldn’t get back to Mexico where she lives and where her boyfriend lives.”

Meltzer continued, “I get it, I know people that think everyone’s life revolves around wrestling and nothing else that don’t understand that she’s not doing it. They knew. I don’t know where she did anything wrong on this one. Maybe there’s some details that I don’t know [but] the company probably should not have advertised her unless she gave them the okay that she was coming and I don’t know that’s the case. Her contract was gonna be up anyway. The announcing that she’s no longer with the company is just kind of like their way of making it look like this is what happened when her contract was gonna be up in a couple of weeks anyway.”

As noted earlier, there is interest in Blanchard from other companies. WWE has already sent out feelers to see if she’s interested in talking with them. Click here for more on that story.

Blanchard was stripped of the Impact Wrestling World Championship this week. In her absence, Moose brought back the TNA World Championship and has been claiming that he is the real champion.

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