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Robbie E on TNA possibly rebranding, the future of the promotion, Dixie Carter

Robbie E recently spoke with Sports Illustrated about TNA and his career. Here are the highlights.

Were you on board to reunite the BroMans with Jessie Godderz? And, past or present, who is the team you would like to face in a dream matchup?

Me and Jesse just got back together, and you’re seeing a new version of the Bro-Mans as fan favorites. I would like to be a three-time tag champ, and we do have our eyes on the tag titles again. As time goes on, we’ll go our separate ways again and give singles wrestling a try. By then, being in the company so long and being respected more by the fans and getting the fans behind me will allow for opportunities for bigger matches.

As for the perfect opponent, because our finisher is the BroDown, which is a version of the Hart Attack, I’d love to face Anvil and Bret. We could go finisher vs. finisher to see who could do it better.

What is the future of TNA? And do you think the company should be rebranded with a new name?

The future is unknown, but I don’t stress things. People have been saying TNA is going to close, and they’ve been against TNA for fourteen years. Yet they’re still here, and Dixie Carter loves the company. I don’t think she’s ever going to let it close. I’m pretty positive that TNA is going to stay. If I got scared every time someone said something bad about TNA, I’d be living like that all the time. That’s all some people want to talk about.

[Regarding rebranding TNA], it could go either way. It could work if they changed the name. It certainly wouldn’t hurt, but no matter what, people who have a negative opinion are still going to have a negative opinion. Some people are just looking to find something wrong. TNA has always produced talent, and they’re showing that now with all the guys who have gone onto do great things who started in TNA. Look at AJ Styles–he is a really good human, a really good person, and he is phenomenal in the ring. I’ve been wrestling for over sixteen years, and I’ve been in the ring with a lot of great guys, and he definitely is the top of my list.

You can read the entire interview here.

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