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Rosemary praises Matt Hardy for his current run in TNA, comments on The Decay

TNA Wrestling

TNA Wrestling

TNA star Rosemary recently spoke with Scott Fishman of Channel Guide Magazine about various topics. Here are the highlights.

On The Decay:

“Thinking about everything we’ve done so far just in TNA, the impact we’ve made on television and with the fans and the response we’ve gotten. The effect of the group, I look back and think, ‘this is still year one. We still have five months left in the year to cause chaos. What are we going to get into if this is just year one of the group? I think we are just going to tear the place apart.’”

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On Matt Hardy’s current run in TNA:

“He is on fire. He is my favorite thing on television right now. I find inspiration from him. I loved the ‘Final Deletion.’ What is so great about that whole thing and any over-the-top character is to make it work, you have to stay at it. You have to train the audience to show that this is the character. They aren’t going to get it right away. So the only way to make something like that work is to go balls out.”

Rosemary also talked about working with Bram and more. You can read the entire interview here.