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Rumors on who TNA is bringing in as the special guest referee for tonight’s episode of Impact

With TNA advertising a special guest referee, who is a former TNA World Heavyweight champion, for the Kurt Angle - Eric Young match tonight, there has been a ton of speculation about who it might be. is reporting that Bully Ray is the most likely wrestler to return to TNA.

Sting and Mick Foley are under contract with WWE. Samoa Joe is still working the indies but is expected to sign with WWE shortly. Chris Sabin is working with Ring Of Honor. Rob Van Dam is an option but is most likely not returning to TNA due to the unhappiness that he had when leaving the company a few years back.

AJ Styles is heavily rumored to return, but he is working a lot for NJPW and is not likely to return to TNA.

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Please keep in mind that this is pure speculation at this time, but if a credible source can confirm who is appearing on tonight’s show, we will let you know.