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SoCal Val/Playboy, update on TNA’s company overhaul, Taz podcast, and more

The following photos of SoCal Val below were retweeted by official Playboy accounts. WWE is missing the boat on her. She did appear as a Rosebud on a couple of shows this year but no word on if WWE is interested in hiring her.

Taz is launching a new podcast. You can follow @TazPodcast for more info.

As part of TNA’s overhaul, they have Josh Matthews in charge of handling the website redesign.

There were reports making the rounds about TNA and Spike ending negotiations 2-3 weeks ago. That is actually not the case. A few days before the story broke on TMZ back in July, Spike TV informed Dixie Carter that they would not be renewing Impact Wrestling. As noted before, Spike and TNA agreed to say publicly that they were still negotiating as a way to help TNA with leverage when they were negotiating with other networks.

There was also a story saying that Spike would have kept TNA at a lower rate. That is also not true and if you think about it (Destination America is a little known network with far less viewers) it makes absolutely no sense for TNA to turn down Spike TV. They never turned down Spike TV.

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