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SPOILER: Big update on the Impact Wrestling Championship + Knockout returns to the company

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Well, following his Impact Championship victory of Bobby Lashley at Thursday night's Impact Wrestling tapings, it was announced on Friday that the championship was being vacated. The crowd was told that Alberto did not want to win it that way so he decided to vacate it. Later, Jeremy Borash announced that the title has been returned to Lashley.

This stems from the controversial finish from the night before. The match involved a ref bump, a second referee, and Alberto using the belt as a weapon. Alberto walked up the ramp with the belt but it was clear at the end of Thursday's tapings that it was a disputed finish.

Also, as you can see below, Rebel returned as a heel at the tapings. Since they've dropped the TNA name, I am not sure if the women are still being referred as Knockouts.

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