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SPOILER: Yet another name has returned, NXT name-dropped at Impact Wrestling tapings

Karen Jarrett returned at Friday night’s Impact Wrestling tapings. She got a great reaction from the crowd in the Impact Zone.

Jarrett was interviewed by Jeremy Borash in the ring. She talked about changes coming to the company and the energy backstage and with the fans. During the segment, there was a “fire Josh” chant. Before she continued on with her promo, she said that she would write that down on her list of things to do. She continued on but was interrupted by EC3.

He talked about how great the locker room is and he wants to make Impact great again. Josh Mathews interrupts and he called Jarrett the evil tyrant queen and criticized the decision to add Jeremy Borash to the announcers table. He then said that he thought Bruce Prichard was dead and that Dutch Mantell is 267 years old. He said that fans come to see Impact because they can’t afford to get a ticket at NXT. Mathews bring up Madison as his wife and says that it’s only a matter of time before the Jarretts are gone from the company forever. Jarrett slapped Josh. There was said to be tremendous heel heat on Josh because the fans legitimately hate him and his promo was said to be really good.

Borash flips off Mathews and then he and Jarrett leave the ring as Madison Rayne runs down to check on her husband.

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