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Spoilers for tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling

TNA Wrestling

TNA Wrestling

Here are the spoilers for tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling on Pop TV:

- There was a segment in the ring with DCC attacking Jeff Hardy. The lights went out and then back on with Matt Hardy making the save. Matt vowed that they would be deleted.

- Double Indian Strap Match: Mahabali Shera & Al Snow defeated The Tribunal.

- Tag Team Match: The Hardy Boyz defeat Bram & Eddie Kingston.

- Eddie Edwards called out EC3 during an in-ring segment. EC3 told Edwards that he has failed twice to win the TNA title but will not fail a third time.

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- It was announced that Allie would face Laurel Van Ness and if she wins, she will earn a TNA wrestler's contract. Maria said that Allie is untrained, but Allie reveals that she has been training with Sutter. Allie defeated Nee and earned a contract as a wrestler. Post-match, Maria tried to attack Allie but Allie noticed her, and Maria ran, Maria was thrown back into the ring by Brandi Rhodes.

- Moose walks out and cuts a promo about winning the title from Moose. Drew Galloway walks out and challenges him to a title match. Aron Rex walked out and said that he gets his rematch before Galloway gets a match.

- TNA Grand Title Match: Moose © defeated Aron Rex.

- Matt Hardy cut an in-ring promo about how he plans to outdo the Great War, Delete or Decay, and The Final Deletion. Hardy announced a complete episode of Impact Wrestling at the Hardy Compound. Matt explained that King Maxell will make his debut and that the Hardys will challenge any team. Shane Helms says Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett will take the challenge then Decay arrives and says they will as well. The episode of Impact will be called Total Nonstop Deletion.

- Singles Match: Mandrews defeated Aiden O'Shea.

- TNA Title Match: Eddie Edwards © vs. EC3 ended in a no contest with the finish of EC3 tapping out as he had Edwards in a pinning combination.