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Spoilers from the May 30th Impact Wrestling TV tapings

Impact Wrestling held Impact TV tapings on Tuesday from India. Here are the spoilers for upcoming episodes of Impact:

— Low Ki defeated Caleb Konley. Post-match, Sonjay Dutt’s music plays and he comes out wearing an eye patch. He asked if Low Ki knows his name. He tells the crowd to tell Low Ki what his name is. Dutt talked about about years ago when they wrestled at Elks Lodge. He says there is no Homicide or Hit Squad to hold him back. He says they’re in Mumbai, India. Dutt wants a title match and Ki agrees to it.

— Davey Richards defeated Vinaash Verma via submission. Post-match, EC3 comes out and whips Vinaash with the belt. Jame Storm ran down to make the save.

— Rosemary defeated Laurel Van Ness with a roll up. Post-match, Sienna and Laurel attack Rosemary until Allie comes out with a kendo stick and hits both of them with it.

— EC3 comes out wearing an Indian dress with Ethan Singh 3 on the big screen and custom music. He has a translator with him. He says his great great great great grandfather was born in India and is a full blooded Indian. He says Impact Wrestling in India is making history. He says he’s rich and he doesn’t see culture in a third world hellhole. He tells the translator to translate but he wouldn’t do so. This led to EC3 almost whipping the translator but Storms runs down and kicks the belt out of his hands. He is about to whip EC3 with it but he escapes. Storm brings the translator back in the ring and they pose to end the segment.

— Josh Matthews walks down to the ring. He asked the fans if they know who Scott Steiner is. He says he has handpicked his opponent, who was Sandeep, a fat wrestler wearing a singlet. Mathews won the match with a Steiner Recliner. Mathews wouldn’t let go of the hold, which led to Mahabali Shera making the save. Lashley comes out and attacks Shera. He clothesline him and Josh puts Shera in the Steiner Recliner. Alberto El Patron’s music hits and he clears the ring.

— Braxton Sutter defeated with the Pepper Shaker Neck Breaker. Allir and Braxton are celebrating in the ring until Sienna’s music hits and she’s out with Laurel. She told Sutter to get that stupid look out of his face. She said that Allie attacked her with a weapon for no reason. She asks if Allie thinks Rosemary has a decent bone in her body. She says we’ll see if Rosemary even shows up.

— Mahabali Shera wins a 10-man gauntlet for the Sony SIX invitational. Post-match, the CEO of Sony Pictures Network, Bruce Prichard and Scott D’Amore present the trophy to Shera.

Moose walks out to the ring and cuts a promo about how two weeks ago he successfully defended the Impact Grand Championship against a dummy. This led to Eli Drake walking out with Chris Adonis. He said that he thinks when he came to Impact Wrestling he has been fed BS, by the old regime and now with Bruce Prichard, nothing’s changed. He says Moose knows he was defeated by Eli Drake. He asks the crowd if they want to see Moose and these two asses at Slammiversary, let him hear it.Chris Adonis warns Moose that he has Eli Drake and Eli has him. Moose says he has a partner but he will reveal him in due time.

— Alberto El Patron cuts a promo in the ring about how he took multiple flights and came here just three hours ago. He promises that he is gonna do what he does best, he is gonna kick some traseros here tonight. He talks about winning titles in different companies but there’s one title that he hasn’t won and we’re few weeks away from Slammiversary live on PPV. He wants the Impact Wrestling World Title. Lashley walked out and said that he could beat El Patron in the cage or even in the parking lot. He said that he is gonna bust his bubble at Slammiversary and when he does that Alberto can walk his ass back and he won’t be needed here. Bruce Prichard walks out and booked two matches. El Patron will defend the GFW Title and Lashley will defend the Impact Wrestling World Title. Prichard warns if they lose they won’t go to Slammiversary.

— Lashley retained the Impact Wrestling World Title over Moose with a spear.

— Alberto El Patron retained the GFW Title over Chris Adonis with the double foot stomp for the win. Post-match, Eli and Adonis attack Alberto. Moose’s music hits and he clears the ring.

— Sonjay Dutt defeated Low Ki to win the X-Division Title. Shera and other X-Division wrestlers come out with champagne to celebrate to end the tapings.


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