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Steve Maclin details how IMPACT's creative process differs from WWE

This week, while speaking with Fightful, Steve Maclin compared IMPACT to working in WWE/NXT.

“It’s more relaxed here," Maclin said.

"It’s sit here, throw ideas, and they get the creative process. They understand and we have communication. WWE has their style. That’s just the way they work. They’re an entertainment company. They have what they want and what Vince wants. It trickles down and that’s how it works."

"You have your input here and there, but at IMPACT, it's more open and you have a back and forth conversation, like, ‘Hey, I have this idea. How does this work?’”

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“IMPACT is more relaxed. It’s been fun and I’ve gotten to know the producers. I’ve gotten to know the coaches that are here to help behind the scenes. I know Scott (D’Amore). Communication is what it comes down to. It’s a smaller bubble. Here it’s very open.”

You can view Steve Maclin's entire thoughts on working with IMPACT below.

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