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Steve Maclin on how Deonna Purrazzo helped to get him into Impact Wrestling, WWE Steve Cutler is "dead and gone"

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Steve Maclin (former WWE star Steve Cutler) was interviewed by Chris Van Vliet this week. The former United States Marine talked about his release from WWE, working with girlfriend Deonna Purrazzo, being part of "The Forgotten Sons" with Jaxon Ryker and Wesley Blake, his time in the USMC, how The Forgotten Sons were supposed to win the SmackDown Tag Team Titles from The New Day, how he got started in pro wrestling and more.

Here are some highlights:

Maclin talking about Deonna Purrazzo helping him get into Impact:

“I actually flew in the week that she had Slammiversary. It was her first match back there where she won the title. That was kind of cool. I didn’t go for the show or anything. I just wanted to get away from Florida at that time. A year later, me getting let go, and going the same route. A week after I got let go, I went with her to the Impact tapings. I was not looking for a job or anything, I just wanted to get away from the PC (Performance Center) era bubble. She said, ‘Just come to the show.’ I’m like, ‘Yea, ok, no problem.”

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“I just hit it off and started chatting to (Tommy) Dreamer, not about wrestling, just New York Giants and the history of Giants football. It was a good shot for me to land, and I am very happy to be here.”

Talking about the Steve Maclin character:

“So for me as Steve Maclin, Cutler is dead. He is dead and gone now. But as Steve Maclin, I already had the ideas of where I wanted to go for years. I was pitching in the Performance Center, and the creative process there, and I always had ideas. I had notepads and notes on the phone. Also, I just have all these ideas and old promos where I just wanted to put together what I am now and how I envision myself. So, I took a little bit from The Punisher, I took who I am, and did it all in one, mixing in the background of being a marine. Taking the dark side of The Punisher, trying to manipulate it into myself and just be me. The fun part is just being me.”

Click below to check out the full interview:

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