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Taya Valkyrie opens up about her status with IMPACT Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling star Taya Valkyrie was recently interviewed on Interactive Wrestling Radio to talk about her professional wrestling career. Valkyrie, who is the wife of former WWE Intercontinental Champion John Morrison, opened up about her current status with IMPACT Wrestling and revealed she's still working for the company:

“I’m still working with Impact. There’s nothing wrong or whatever. It just is the way that it is right now. I look forward to getting back there very shortly and continuing to do some great work with them.”

Valkyrie also had a lot of good to say about the promotion's Women's Division. She said that IMPACT's Knockouts are some of the best wrestlers she has ever had the privilege of working with:

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“The female locker room, the Knockouts division, are some of the best female wrestlers I’ve ever encountered. I’m just really honored to be working with them.

“I’m just doing what I’m doing right now which is promoting Lucha Underground and all the projects I’m involved in. So, don’t you worry! I will be back in the Impact Zone! (laughs)”