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Taz reveals why he left TNA, clears the air on TNA pay issues, issues with Josh Mathews, more

Taz, on his latest podcast, addressed his departure from TNA and confirmed some of the stories going around about issues with his pay while he was with TNA. There were other stories going around that were not true.

“I asked for my release and was granted my release. We parted ways mutually, the right way, professionally. I wish them nothing but success. I am very thankful for them giving me the opportunity.”

He said that there were some bad times during his 5 years in TNA but there were mostly good times.  He said that there were no reprecussions for him not flying to Nashville to do voiceovers for Impact and he was not fired. He did confirm the stories about the pay issues.  “My check for work that I’ve done previously was late. I had to do what I had to do and the company was understanding that. They understood my position and they were very professional. They were very kind, they were very understanding. They were very professional…it was a bad situation but business is business. This is how I make a living. This is how I pay my bills and I feed my family for over 25 years so it’s business.” He said that he is not going to go out and bash TNA and he was appreciative for what they gave him while he worked there.

He said that the wrestling is a great job and he is appreciative of the fans but a lot of things get twisted.

I don’t know where this got reported but he addressed rumors that he was not making much in TNA. Mark Madden tweeted that Taz made $20,000 in his last year with TNA. Taz said that the rumors about how much he was making were not true. “If you’re concerned with how much money I make then you have a problem.” He added, “I was very happy with the money I was making.” He said that the amount of money he was making was not why he left and TNA took care of him financially.

He addressed the speculation on issues with Josh Mathews. Apparently someone on twitter said that Dave Meltzer said that the reason he left was because he hated Josh Mathews. I don’t think Meltzer reported that at all. He may have said that there was a falling out between them but he never reported it as the reason for Taz leaving. Taz said, “he [Meltzer] did not say that. That’s not what he said.” He added, “Me leaving TNA had absolutely nothing at all to do with my relationship with Josh Matthews. Absolutely nothing.” He said that he’s worked with Josh for a long time and he even promoted Josh’s podcast on his own podcast. “Did we have a fallout? Yes we had a fallout. Did it have anything to do with me leaving TNA? No. That had nothing to do with it. Why can’t two guys have an argument, or disagree, or end a friendship and then people gotta speculate that’s why they left? No.”

“I’ve wrestled guys that hated me, personally. And I’ve hated some of them. And we went out and had magic, and wrestled, drew money, and busted our ass and took care of each other and protected each other. I’ve wrestled many guys that didn’t like me. It’s called business. So I could work with anyone. While I was working with Josh I had zero problems with him.” He said that he doesn’t normally feed into BS from certain websites but he’s feeding into it now because he doesn’t want false information out there. He said that he heard that Josh did a good job doing Impact by himself this past week.”

He said that he might have gone on to do other things and move on when his contracted expired this Summer. He said that TNA and Destination America enjoyed his work but he wanted to explore other options and it’s just something that happens in the entertainment business.

“It’s well documented not just from me but from a lot of different folks but it seems like they’re fixing that now. My funds were very late. I felt like I did a service…yet (when everything happened). I wasn’t paid for that service…yet. I gave them notice a head of time and they knew that I wasn’t gonna come.” Taz said that they were apologetic and he was paid a few days after he told them he was leaving the company. He said that he’s extemely happy about what is going on with his life and his career.  Towards the end of the podcast he thanked the TNA roster, the Carter family, and the people that work behind the scenes in TNA.

Taz was very honest about everything and although he doesn’t owe it to anyone to explain why he left TNA, he handled everything in a very classy way. Listen to his latest podcast by clicking here.

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