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The real reason why TNA cancelled their upcoming events, World title series not planned in advanced?

Dave Meltzer noted on this morning's Wrestling Observer radio that the ticket sales for TNA's "Hardcore Halloween" tour were not selling well so that is why they cancelled those shows. TNA talent was told on Friday that the tour would be cancelled. They were still advertising the tour on last week's Impact Wrestling so this was clearly a last minute decision before talent was told on Friday. The cities included on the tour were Thibodaux, Baton Rouge, Biloxi, and New Orleans. I know that, as of late last week, everything past the front row was available so clearly the tickets were not selling well and tickets for all of their recent shows were not selling well. As noted before, Bound For Glory had 1,800 people in attendance but most of the tickets were given out for free.

Last week's Impact featured the beginning of the "World Title Series" to crown a new TNA Champion. During the tapings in July the crowd was told that they were watching a "Team Challenge Series" which is the same name that the AWA used in 1990 shortly before they went out of business. TNA sent out word last week saying that the tournament and storyline for Matt Hardy to relinquish the TNA title had been planned for months.

There is some skepticism on if they really planned that far in advance because, if you watched last week's Impact, the interviews that were shown during the broadcast do not make reference to a "World title series." In fact, the interviews are very generic and there was tons of editing on the show. In addition, names that are no longer with the company (James Storm, Austin Aries, and Kenny King) are featured in the tournament.

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