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The reason why TNA does so many backstage skits

If you've been watching TNA Impact these last several weeks then you've noticed that they are doing tons of backstage skits. Many times they are airing several of them back to back in the show and it's been a major complaint amongst fans. Dave Melzer gave TNA's explanation this morning on Wrestling Observer radio. TNA's reasoning for so many backstage skits, believe it or not, is that they can do them and not air them in front of the live crowd. The feeling is that when they do that then they prevent spoilers from getting out.

They are also taping things out of order so you may see some things on the show from time to time that don't make sense. For example, James Storm beat up Gunner's father on an episode of Impact and a couple of weeks later Gunner's dad was seen sitting in the crowd. On this past week's episode of Impact Bobby Lashley was wearing a yellow shirt while he was looking for Samoa Joe. Then he came out to the ring wearing a black shirt. Late in the show he's backstage wearing a yellow shirt. During the main event he came out wearing a black shirt...and finally, as the show ended they showed him again backstage wearing his black shirt and baseball cap.

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