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The Rock inducts Ken Shamrock into the Impact Hall Of Fame

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Ken Shamrock was officially inducted into the Impact Wrestling Hall Of Fame during the Bound For Glory pre-show.

Prior to the induction, they showed a video of Bret Hart giving an excellent speech on Shamrock. Hart noted that Shamrock gave 100 percent and he was a pro inside and outside of the ring. Hart also noted that Shamrock was one of the guys who threatened to quit because of the Montreal Screwjob in 1998.

Mick Foley also sent in a video. Foley said that he enjoyed working with Shamrock and then he talked about the time he teamed with Shamrock against The Rock. Foley called Shamrock a great wrestler and a huge part of the Attitude Era. Later in the show, they showed videos from Mick Foley, Ariel Helawani, Bas Rutten and Chael Sonnen.

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The induction with the video from The Rock aired during the final 15 minutes of the show. Rock said that he couldn't be the best bad guy without the best hero, best good guy and the best badass who would help to boost his credibility. Rock said that Shamrock could have asked to work with someone else but he chose to put his body on the line with someone who was still learning. Rock said that Shamrock was not one of the guys who tried to hold him back. Rock pointed out that Shamrock started in pro wrestling and then he went into MMA and then back into wrestling before going back to have a Hall Of Fame career in MMA.

Shamrock talked about getting his start in North Carolina under Nelson Royal. He said WWE helped to mold him into the wrestler that he is today. He thanked Vince McMahon for allowing him to shine. He also thanked Bret Hart, The Rock, his family and the fans.

Shamrock is arguably the most well-known fighter in the history of MMA and one of the few people in history to juggle two sports careers on a high level.

Shamrock is also a UFC Hall Of Famer and former UFC Superfight Champion. He has won titles in other promotions such as Pancrase and PRIDE Fighting. In professional wrestling, he won several titles on the independent scene before eventually moving onto WWE and becoming a 1-time Intercontinental Champion, a WWE Tag Team Champion with The Big Boss Man and the 1998 King Of The Ring. Shamrock was also was crowned as the first NWA TNA Champion when they launched in 2002.