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The scoop on ROH to Destination America and what is happening with TNA

Bryan Alvarez discussed the big news today regarding Ring of Honor signing with Destination America. As noted earlier, their first Destination America show will air this Wednesday night at 8pm eastern. Yes, it will air right before Impact Wrestling.

Basically, the ROH show that airs on Sinclair will air the following Wednesday on Destination America. So this is not a brand new show for those that already watch on Sinclair. The issue with TNA is not their viewership. The issue with them is that advertisers do not want to spend money on Impact Wrestling on Destination America. The amount of money that Destination America spends on TNA is not being made up with advertising revenue. Destination America does want wrestling on their network but it had to be a deal that made sense to them.

Ring Of Honor will make some money with Destination America and Destination America will be paying significantly less than they are paying for Impact Wrestling. At last word, Impact is still not renewed after September but there’s always a chance that things can change especially if ROH’s show helps Impact. ROH had been in talks with Spike TV to air specials with them but that deal fell through. ROH is said to be very happy with this deal since it allows them to expand into markets that Sinclair is not in.

There is no relationship between TNA and Ring Of Honor so anyone speculating that they could do some sort of invasion angle or talent exchange can put that idea to rest. As noted earlier, the reason why the wrestlers in TNA were not told about this is because nobody in TNA knew about this until today. In fact, this deal had been in the works for months so the timing of today’s announcement was a coincidence and had nothing to do with the news that was being reported last week about TNA. Obviously, TNA has some egg on their face but keep in mind that United Talent Agency negotiated their deal with Destination America so they are the ones responsible for not getting the exclusivity clause in the contract like WWE does with their USA Network deal.

By the way, unlike TNA, Destination America does not have a say in the ROH creative direction.

We will have more on this story as more details become available.


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