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The truth about TNA’s denials and Dave Meltzer’s report about Impact being cancelled

You can add Vince Russo to the list of people that are trying to discredit Dave Meltzer’s report about Destination America’s decision to cancel Impact Wrestling. Again, the report said that a memo was sent within Destination America and the words used were that they would be “not renewing” the show. As of this writing, there have not been any public denials from anyone at TNA and Destination America has not said one word publicly.

If you read what Bob Ryder said in his tweets, he never denied that story about Destination America planning to cancel the show but he made reference to people predicting Impact going out of business. The only problem with that is that Dave never said anything about them going out of business so I have no idea who he is talking about there. Of course, if Panda Energy wants to keep funding the company then they could stay in business forever if they wanted but they would have a ton of problems if they can’t get the show on a cable network. There have been plenty of reports of talents and people in production getting paid months late. Perhaps TNA should be focusing on that and perhaps TNA should focus on their legal issue with Eric Bischoff, Jason Hervey, and Garett Bischoff. For those that don’t know, they are suing TNA over money owed to them. You can read more about that story (as reported by Jason Powell) by clicking here.

TNA sent out an email yesterday to the talent saying that reports of the cancellation of Impact are defamatory and detrimental to their business and they will seek legal recourse. Well, Dave Meltzer has not received a legal threat from the people at TNA. I know that there are people out there that are quick to write off Meltzer as some “dirt sheet” guy but if you actually read what he says then you might think differently. Oftentimes, what he writes in his newsletter is misquoted and that is what people jump on. Meltzer has also been very positive on how good the shows have been in recent months. That stuff doesn’t get mentioned by the people ripping on Meltzer.

Meltzer also noted in the Observer that while Discovery used the words “not renewing,” the game is still in play. So, yes there is always a chance that they could change their minds on Impact Wrestling and if that happens then maybe the people at TNA can use that to blast Dave and then say he’s wrong. Well, he’s not wrong. He wasn’t wrong about Spike TV cancelling Impact either even though people in TNA were denying that story too when it first broke last year on TMZ and when Dave provided details in the Observer. Mike Johnson wasn’t wrong when he was accidentally CC’d in an email from Vince Russo that revealed that Russo was still working for TNA last year when people in TNA were denying that Russo was with the company.

I still have not seen an explanation from anyone in TNA about the weekend programming being dropped from Destination America’s schedule. You’d think that if things were going well then DA would be happy to keep those shows on the air right?

Here is the email that was sent to yesterday:

It has come to our attention that several internet news sources have falsely attributed statements to TNA, its executives and broadcasting partner.  These false statements constitute defamation and if necessary we will seek all legal remedies available to us.

Where is the public denial about the show being cancelled? Why hasn’t Destination America come out and denied that the word going around internally in their company is that the show is “not renewed?” Why haven’t they sent a legal threat to Dave Meltzer?

For anyone that is reading this that wants to rip on Meltzer, please do yourself a favor and read what he actually wrote in the actual Observer newsletter.

Here are the tweets from Russo:


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