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TNA Bound For Glory PPV results: Gail Kim HOF induction, The Great War, Lashley vs. EC3

Show: TNA Bound For Glory
Location: Orlando, Florida
Date: 10/2/16
Airing Live On Pay-Per-View

We are live with TNA Bound For Glory coverage. They taped Jade vs. Sienna before Bound For Glory went on the air. Jade got the win with a package piledriver. They could use that for TV since Josh Mathews was on commentary.

The show started with a video package featuring Matt Hardy and Maxel by the piano. The Impact Zone seems to be packed more so than usual.

DJ Z (Champion vs. Trevor Lee) – X-Division Championship

Very good match and a nice way to start the show. Trevor Lee did a cool looking backflip into a German suplex on DJ Z at one point. DJ Z won the match with the DZT (DDT). These two worked really hard. Despite the backstage turmoil, TNA has a really good roster.

They show Lashley and EC3 arriving “earlier today.”

Drew Galloway cut a passionate promo and he’s not happy that he is not cleared to compete. He said that the only reason that Billy Corgan is buying the company is because he’s getting Drew Galloway. The announcers did not acknowledge the part about Billy Corgan. Seriously.

Bound For Gold Gauntlet Match

Jessie Godderz and Rockstar Spud start the match. There will be a total of 10 participants in this match. Braxton Sutter was the third participant. This is basically a Royal Rumble-style match. Eli Drake was the fourth participant. Sutter was eliminated by Drake. Robbie E was the fifth entrant. Robbie tried to eliminate his partner Jessie but Jessie held on to the ropes. Baron Dax entered as participant number 6. Grado was the seventh entrant in the match.] but he was eliminated in less than 10 seconds while his music was still playing. Basile Baraka is the next name to enter the match. Baron Dax and Robbie E were eliminated as Tyrus entered the match. Spud tried to form an alliance with Tyrus but Tyrus eliminated Spud. Mahabali Shera was the next man to enter the match. He and Tyrus faced off. Shera was eliminated by Eli Drake. Godderz was trying to eliminate Tyrus but Drake snuck up from behind and eliminated both of them. Eli Drake will get a future title opportunity. Josh Mathews said that he can cash in anytime as long as he gives notice a week in advance.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Chef Robert Irvine. He is there to see his wife Gail Kim being inducted in the TNA Hall Of Fame. Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett interrupted. Irvine said that it will be a bad night for them. He left and The Bennetts continued cutting their promo.

Moose vs. Mike Bennett

They brought out kids from West Orange High School in Winter Gardens, FL to do the Moose chant on the stage area as Moose came out to the ring. The story of this match was that Bennett kept working over Moose’s knee. Moose won the match with the “Go to Hell” sitdown powerbomb and the discus clothesline. They worked hard but it was an ok match.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed Aron Rex.

Eddie Edwards vs. Aron Rex – Impact Grand Championship Finals

The judges awarded round 1 to Eddie Edwards (30-27). The lights went out during the match and fans chanted “pay your light bill.” I’m not kidding. Josh Mathews said that they were having electrical issues. They were able to get a spotlight in the ring but the Impact Zone was mostly dark. It took about a minute or so for them to get the lights back on. Aron Rex won round 2 (30-27).  The match was fine but the crowd wasn’t with them. The loudest pop of the match was when the lights came back on. Round 3 ended with both men fighting even after the bell rang. Aron Rex won by split decision. He’s the new Impact Grad Champion. Both men hugged afterwards and Borash interviewed Rex in the ring.

Gail Kim Hall Of Fame induction

Taryn Terrell, Gail Kim, and Awesome Kong returned to give speeches about Gail Kim. That was followed by a speech from Dixie Carter. Dixie then introduced Gail. They played a really nice video tribute with clips from Gail’s TNA career. The clip included comments from Billy Corgan, Madison Rayne, Christy Hemme, Josh Mathews, TNA Producer Pat Kenney, Jade, Al Snow and Dave Lagana. Gail said that she’s experienced a lot of high’s and lows during her 16-year career but she would not change a thing. She thanked everyone that helped her become the woman that she is right now.

Matt and Jeff Hardy vs. The Decay – The Great War

The Hardy’s entrance started off with Reby Hardy playing the piano on the stage. Jeff Hardy sung his part of the theme as Reby kept playing the piano. The match started with all 3 members spraying mist in Reby’s face. The match got underway and all 4 men fought at ringside. The referee helped Reby to the back. A couple of minutes later, Rosemary did a Coast to Coast Van Terminator on a trash can positioned on Matt Hardy. Abyss tried to use a stapler gun on Jeff Hardy’s forehead but Jeff fought out of it but Abyss finally stapled Jeff’s forehead. Abyss and Matt fought to the backstage area. Abyss punched out the referee as Crazzy Steve and Jeff Hardy made their way to another part of backstage area. They used all of the props that were in the area. Matt and Abyss fought in front of a Universal Orlando resort sign. It’s obvious that the backstage stuff was taped before the show, probably on Saturday. They cut back to Crazzy Steve but Jeff disappeared. They cut back to Matt and Abyss and back to Steve. Pumpkins were thrown at Steve and you could hear Jeff but he was nowhere in sight. They cut back to Abyss and Matt near a ferris wheel. Then they cut back to Steve and Jeff appeared as one of his alter egos.  They cut to Matt and they were fighting in the street. They cut back to Steve and Jeff and Rosemary was there too. Rosemary spit mist in Jeff’s face. Steve told Rosemary to go find Abyss. Abyss and Matt were fighting near a moving truck. Some guy popped out of his pick up truck and he was attacked by Abyss and Rosemary. They cut back to Steve but it wasn’t Jeff this time. It was Willow beating up on Steve. They cut back to Matt and Abyss as Matt set “Barbie” (barbed wire 2×4) on fire. Matt and Jeff fought on the back of a pick up truck as Rosemary drove. Vanguard 1 made an appearance and sprayed something in her eyes. They cut backstage to Willow and Steve. They cut back to the Impact Zone and Steve and Jeff fought their way back to ringside. Willow brought a ladder to ringside. Matt and Abyss made their way back to the Impact Zone in the pick up truck so they are live again. Most of the stuff filmed backstage and outside was clearly not live. Abyss brought in thumbtacks into the ring but Matt fought back. Jeff hit the swanton but Abyss kicked out at 2. Abyss then brought in 2 a barbed wire covered wooden boards. Matt fought back and poured thumbtacks on one of the boards and then hit the side effect so Abyss landed on the barbed wire board with thumbtacks on it. Matt sandwiched Abyss between the 2 boards and hit an elbow and went for a pin. Rosemary broke up the pin and Reby made her way back. Reby power bombed Rosemary through a table at ringside. Jeff wrapped a chair around Crazzy Steve’s neck and rammed him into the ringpost as fans chanted “obsolete.” Matt hit the twist of fate with chair on Steve. Matt then set up 2 tables in the ring. Jeff set up a huge ladder in the ring. Matt told Jeff that he will allow him to indulge in his addiction. Jeff hit a swanton on Steve through both tables and got the pin. New Tag Team Champions. That was crazy.

Maria Kanellis vs. Gail Kim – TNA Knockouts Championship

Maria came out and said that she is not cleared but Allie said that she had good news and she found out that Maria is cleared to wrestle. Maria got upset with Allie and then Maria slapped Gail. Mike Bennett made his way to ringside during this match. Gail won the match with “Eat Defeat.” Bennett grabbed the mic and yelled in frustration and said that this is now how everything was supposed to go down. Bennett said that TNA has been trying to screw him and it’s time to turn the tables. He said that he will shut the show down and he’ll do what should have been done a long time ago. He said that nobody can stop him…not a damn person. Cody showed up with wife Brandi Rhodes. They came out to a big pop and fought off Mike and Maria.

EC3 vs. Bobby Lashley – TNA World Championship

Lashley speared EC3 during the ring introductions. A couple of minutes into the match and Lashley hit a brutal looking Dominator on the rampway. Several minutes later after a back and forth battle, EC3 hit the spear but Lashley kicked out at 2. EC3 hit a sloppy looking TKO on the steel steps. Josh called it a TK3.  The announcers are trying to hype this as having a big match feel but only parts of the crowd have been into the match even though both men are having a pretty good match. Lashley hit EC3 with shots to the back with a steel chair. It’s a No Holds Barred match so the ref can’t stop Lashley. Lashley hit a Rock bottom and then locked in the head and arm submission but EC3 grabbed the referee’s leg and broke out of the hold. EC3 hit several German suplexes on Lashley. He then hit Lashley with the 1 percenter but Lashley kicked out at 2. EC3 hit Lashley with the chair and then he set Lashley up on the top rope. Lashley shoved him off and then speared EC3 off the top rope. Lashley retains the TNA World Championship.

That’s the end of the show.


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