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TNA exec Bob Ryder rips Destination America programming

For weeks, Destination America had been hyping their big “Exorcism Live” special. I don’t know how well it did but the network was expecting huge ratings. Several TNA wrestlers, apparently at the request of the network, plugged the show on their social media accounts.

TNA executive Bob Ryder wasn’t too thrilled with the show. In what may be another sign of the strained relationship between TNA and Destination America, Ryder took to twitter to rip the show. You can check out the tweets below. TNA is said to be off the network by January. They were originally scheduled to be off the air in September but a legal issue arose and they were able to get an extension.

It should be noted that there was a recent change with management at Destination America and they may not have such a bad outlook on wrestling airing on their network so it would be a good idea for Ryder (and anyone associated with TNA) to not rip on the network right now if they want to have any chance of staying on the air with them.

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