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TNA holds talent meeting to address changes with the company

TNA Wrestling

TNA Wrestling

TNA held a conference call on Tuesday afternoon with the roster and Dixie Carter officially introduced Anthem's Eric Nordholm as a member of the Board of Managers for the company. The board will now be guiding TNA going forward. Carter praised TNA’s new relationship with Anthem Media and stated that they had put capital and resources into the company so they can take it to the next level. I should note that Anthem has not officially signed off to become a majority shareholder, likely because they are waiting to settle the situation with Billy Corgan. Corgan would get a 50% transfer fee in addition to the money that is already owed to him, if the company is sold.

Nordholm addressed the roster and praised them for their hard work. He noted that the new agreement would be a great opportunity for both TNA and The Fight Network and he brought up the idea of a streaming network utilizing TNA's library. He also noted that the company is looking towards getting back on a touring schedule as well as strengthening their relationship with Sony Six, which is their TV partner in India and main revenue source.

When asked about creative changes, Carter confirmed that Dave Lagana tendered his resignation last week and that Billy Corgan was no longer with the company. Carter stated that they would be going back towards a collaborative effort with the talent. John "Big" Gaburick, Matt Conway and Madison Rayne are in the creative department for TNA but TNA wants to hire more people for the creative department.

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PWInsider first reported the news and we have since confirmed details from the meeting. There was a mix of optimism and skepticism from the talent we spoke to following the meeting. The skepticism was mostly from people that have been with the company for a while.