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TNA Impact spoilers (airs 9/18/14)

By Nate Da Gr8 via

* The TNA Tag Team Titles are hanging above the ring.

* Gail Kim defeated Brittany in an Xplosion match.

* The Menagerie make their entrance. Austin Aries vs. Knux is up next. Aries gets the win in an Xplosion match. They hug after the match.

* The re-tape the debut of Chris Melendez from Wednesday night due to botches in the match. It will still air on September 11th and he defeated DJ Zema Ion.

* #1 contender Bobby Roode kicks off Impact and is interrupted by MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley. Roode talks about facing Lashley next week and they attack him. Samoa Joe and Eric Young make the save, setting up a six-man match for later.

* Robbie E, Jessie Godderz and Velvet Sky defeated Knux, Crazzy Steve and Rebel.

* Kurt Angle comes out to a big pop and calls Ethan Carter III to the ring. They talk and Angle has a surprise in the form of Rhino vs. EC3 in a NYC Street Fight. This was another fun hardcore match. Ethan gets the win.

* All of the Knockouts are in the ring and Velvet Sky is announced as the cover girl for the next TNA calendar. Jessicka Havok interrupts and destroys Brittany and Gail Kim.

* Tajiri and Austin Aries vs. Sanada and James Storm is next. Sanada pins Tajiri to get the win for his team.

* Bram defeated Gunner. Samuel Shaw tried to interfere on Gunner's behalf but it backfired. Gunner and Shaw had words after the match and Gunner left on his own.

* Rockstar Spud defeated Crazzy Steve in a bad comedy match. Fans booed them. They chanted "we want wrestling" and "change the channel."

* The Wolves defeated The Hardys and Team 3D in a Ladder Match. Davey Richards grabbed the belts for the win. This was said to be another awesome match with these three teams and a must see. There were several ladders used and various ladder spots. Each team has a win in the series now.

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