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TNA Impact Wrestling returning to Spike TV?

Dixie Carter was asked by a fan about a possible partnership with Spike TV. The fan noted that a new partnership could be huge if they could put their issues aside. Carter seemed to tease that a return to Spike could be a possibility.

There have been rumors that TNA has had talks with a couple of cable networks but those rumors do not include Spike TV. Spike TV’s rebranding is part of the reason why they chose to dump TNA late last year. Bobby Lashley won his fight over James Thompson on Friday night and he may be in line for a title shot in Bellator so he has become one of their big name fighters. I don’t know if Spike has changed their feelings towards TNA but perhaps Spike might be interested in having TNA back in the fold so they could help promote Lashley on their programming. Bellator is also heavily teasing that Kurt Angle could fight Ken Shamrock sometime next year.

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