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TNA looking to go back on the road soon with live events

Bob Ryder noted today that there have been meetings at the TNA offices about adding live events to the schedule again and possibly as soon as June. This should be good news for the TNA roster. Last week it was reported in the Wrestling Observer newsletter that there was frustration on the roster because the talent realized that there were no live events scheduled after they were done with the recent set of TV tapings. Many talents are paid per date so they would have to look elsewhere to supplement their income. Some of the wrestlers have been getting independent wrestling bookings.

The other reason for the frustration is that talents were told that the move to Destination America would be the best thing for the company since the network would be promoting them more than Spike TV did. To their credit, Destination America has done a ton for TNA but there's only so much they can do when they are not available in as many homes as Spike TV. One thing the network can do is move them to a better night. There's a reason why WWE moved away from Friday nights. The departure of some of their top stars in the past year has also been a blow to the company morale. The Samoa Joe departure was said to be over money and the company not willing or being able to pay Joe what he felt he was worth.

Hopefully, for the company's sake and the talent's sake, they can put more resources into promoting these live events. I've heard stories from fans that had no idea TNA was running a show in their city until after the show because of lack of promotion.

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