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TNA makes a major money offer to Alberto El Patron (Del Rio)

TNA has made a major play to get Alberto El Patron (Del Rio). The offer was said to be a serious money offer. The number that has been mentioned was $400,000 for a one-year deal. That is big money considering that there is no guarantee that TNA will be running many house shows in 2015. Plus, they get several weeks of TV tapings done in a few days and there’s no official word on what will happen with future pay-per-views. So it could end up favoring Alberto since he could conceivable be only working a couple of dates per months for them.

The El Rey Network has also offered him substancial guaranteed money and he’s expected to go there. John Gaburick worked closely with Alberto when they were both in WWE. TNA’s pitch is that he’ll get more United States TV exposure than anyone else. TNA, Lucha Underground, and other companies (including MMA) want him because they are all looking for a Latin superstar. TNA has been looking to make a Latin star and Bellator (and other companies) are looking at things the same way. TNA tried with Hernandez but things did not work out.

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