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TNA offering Matt Hardy a significant amount of money to wrestle for them

Last week there were reports of TNA contacting ROH talent. The names that have gotten out publicly that were contacted were Bobby Fish, Kyle O'Reilly, and Jay Lethal. Lethal can't sign with TNA because he is signed to a deal with ROH. However, a lot of the ROH talents are not under contracts so they could jump if they wanted. Roderick Strong is one of the names not under a contract.

Matt Hardy is a part-time wrestler for ROH and wrestles independent shows will wrestle for TNA just days after the Best In The World ROH pay-per-view. The assumption is that he is not working for ROH after that show. Hardy had originally told people in ROH that he turned down TNA's offer. TNA then came back with a second offer (a much higher offer) and Hardy accepted. It's been said that the offer to him was much higher than what he makes on the independents and a surprising amount considering the fact that TNA has been in major cost cutting mode in recent months. The figure is said to be double of what he was making on the independent scene.

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