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TNA personality in a tough spot with TNA, could be done with the company next week

As noted yesterday, Global Force Wrestling announced that Jim Ross would be the announcer for the big July 4 Tokyo Dome show. They are also in negotiations with Mike Tenay but Tenay wouldn't be allowed to do the show if he's with TNA. Tenay's contract expired a couple of months ago but he agreed to an extension. That expires in about one week.

He's in a weird spot right now because TNA says they are interested in keeping him but TNA is not discussing deals with anyone right now until they get their TV deal signed. If Tenay doesn't do it then they will find someone else as the second announcer on the January 4th show. The show will also also air in Japanese for the hardcore fans in the United States that already follow the product. It will also be available (in both languages) on the Flipps app. It will be available on Niconico in Japanese.

The price will be $34.95 on pay-per-view in the United States and Canada. At one point there were discussions to do the show at $24.95. Global Force Wrestling will be releasing videos online regarding the show until the event. They will also market heavily to the Japanese community in big U.S. cities.

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