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TNA reportedly months behind on paying their production crew

TNA announced earlier today that they would be running more TV tapings next month. They also announced details on next month’s Slammiversary pay-per-view. It will be interesting to see what happens with the production crew because they are behind on pay, according to a report from James Caldwell at Caldwell noted that some production workers are behind on pay from the March tapings and others are behind on pay from the January tapings.

There were several reports of late pay with production and talent last year and recently there were reports of TNA being late with payments to Bobby Roode and Eric Young. The pay issue was said to be one of the reasons why both men left the company. After the news got out about production members being months behind on pay last year, TNA replaced them with Aroluxe Marketing but the pay issues continued and the belief is that Aroluxe has been loaning the company money so they could continue with TV tapings.

Despite TNA trying to get the word out to counter the reports about low morale in the company, the fact is that there are some unhappy people in the company, especially the talent and production members that have had issues with getting their paychecks on time from TNA. PWTorch notes that some production workers were told that they will or might be replaced at next month’s tapings.

This type of news is not good for the company especially since they are still looking for an investor. The company recently moved employees into their ShopTNA warehouse in Nashville and they are believed to be renting out space at nearby Skyway Studios so they could post-produce their TV show. The cost-cutting would look good in an investor presentation but workers are being left without being paid.

All of this news on late pay comes on the heels of the story we broke this morning regarding the Impact Wrestling replay. Pop TV has pulled the Saturday morning off their schedule, likely because the show was only drawing approximately 50,000 viewers and the show was not making any significant ad revenue for the network.

The recent re-signing announcements are believed to be part of the package to impress investors.  You may have seen tweets from different TNA personalities shooting down stories about low morale in the company. Dave Meltzer noted that he ran into one TNA wrestler during WrestleMania weekend in Dallas. He said the following on his message board: “Over WrestleMania weekend a TNA wrestler who I really don’t know bumped into me. he joked about morale, saying that he was actually told to send a Tweet by management about how great the morale is. He didn’t, and said for the people who have been with the company for a long time, it was the worst ever.”


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