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TNA ring announcer addresses the poor attendance reports for the 9/19/15 TNA live event

TNA ring announcer Joe Dombrowki appeared on WrestleZone Radio to address reports of poor attendance at the September 19th, 2015 TNA live event in Pittsburgh, PA. Here is an excerpt from of what he had to say:

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of working for TNA Wrestling for the first time. Shortly after the event, several photos circulated online, purported to show a minimal or nonexistent crowd in attendance, but were actually taken well before belltime and/or of the opposite side of the General Admission section, as I discussed a bit during my appearance on Wrestlezone Daily last week.

However, I can confirm Bob Ryder’s claim earlier in the week of a crowd of approx. 750 fans in attendance at the event, fans who very much enjoyed the live wrestling and chance to meet and interact with many of the talents, as the photos included should demonstrate.

I always found it to be odd for one to go out of their way to disparage or run down a promotion/product, while continuing to watch the programming regularly and attend their live events. If you enjoy TNA Impact Wrestling, I hope you all continue to proudly and passionately support them in the months and years ahead. If you happen to not enjoy the product, I encourage you to find the promotion(s) you do enjoy, and support them just as passionately.

You can listen to the entire interview here:

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