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TNA Salem, VA: Low attendance, Angle in action, Hebner in the TNA HOF (PHOTOS/VIDEOS)

TNA was in Salem, VA for their final live event before Bound For Glory. TNA's big hook for the show on their social media accounts was Billy Corgan making an appearance to induct Earl Hebner into the TNA Hall Of Fame. Also, leading up to the show, they were promoting a $5 discount for all tickets.

We got an estimate of 250 people from one person that was at the show. Another person noted that he didn't think they were able to fill 35% of the arena and he thought that there were maybe 600 people there. Jason R. emailed us and estimated no more than 300 people at the show. Either way, 250-600 is not good at all especially for Bound For Glory weekend. We were told that the floor section was pretty full and the main draws were Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy. There was very little local advertising for the event and there were tons of free tickets given away.

TNA dimmed the lights so you can't see too much of the crowd or empty seats but the last photo on this page would seem to indicate that this show did not draw well at all, which has been the trend at all of their recent shows.

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