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Could TNA be off Spike TV this year?

One of the big stories this year will be about the future of TNA on Spike TV. TNA's deal expires later this year and it is not guaranteed that they will remain on the network. WWE's deal with USA also expires this year. WWE is currently in talks with USA and reaching out to other networks about potentially moving Raw. If Raw and/or Smackdown moves to Spike TV then that could mean the end for TNA since WWE would not strike a deal unless Spike drops TNA.

There's also the possibility that we may see Jeff Jarrett's rumored new promotion land on Spike TV. With backing from Toby Keith (which would generate some press), a fresh start, and financial stability, this may be a more attractive option for Spike TV. It's no secret that TNA is on shaky footing right now and things do not look good for the company so this may be the right time for a new promotion to land the timeslot with Spike.

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