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TNA talent hoping for Billy Corgan to buy the company

The feeling within TNA seems to be that virtually everyone there wants Billy Corgan to buy the company. Despite what some people may say publicly, the people in TNA are all very aware of just how bad the situation is right now. As noted before, there are people still owed money and it’s not just talent.

Days before Bound For Glory, there was talent publicly supporting Corgan after his interviews where he talked about the situation with the company and the talent believes that he is the only one that can save TNA. Again, even though people are being quiet in public about this, virtually everyone in TNA knows that the talks with Corgan and Dixie Carter have gotten bad and the feeling is that Carter has been deceptive. Last weekend, Carter was expected to hold a talent meeting to address the situation with the company. That meeting never happened and after being pressured, she finally had the meeting on the first day of post-BFG tapings.

Carter basically acted like she had no idea that there were questions and concerns from the talent. The talent felt that she was playing dumb to avoid addressing the issues. It will be interesting to see what happens at the end of this week because talents that are on guaranteed contracts are due to be paid on the 15th (that’s a Saturday so either they receive checks on Friday or perhaps on Monday) and on the 30th. The 30th falls on a Sunday so the check would need to come in on Friday the 28th or Monday, November 1st. There are people that are not on guaranteed deals that are owed money from the last tapings and there have been reports of production people still being late with their pay.

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