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TNA website replaced by a countdown clock, major announcement coming?

TNA Wrestling

TNA Wrestling

TNA has replaced all content on their website with a countdown clock. The clock would expire this morning at 10 am eastern time (11/19).

We don't know why they put the countdown clock, but it looks like there will be some sort of announcement at 10 am eastern. We will post an update once more information becomes available.

We don't know if this has anything to do with their countdown clock but TNA has been in talks with POP TV and WGN America and Dixie Carter was in Los Angeles this week. It is believed that she was in meetings. As we first reported on Wednesday, the belief is that they are close to terms on a TV deal.

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Another possible guess as to what their announcement could be is that they have signed a big name. They have reached out to Bill Goldberg but there is no news on whether or not Goldberg has come to terms with TNA.

TNA does not have a good track record with big announcements. Several readers emailed to say that they changed their clock (set it forward for anytime after 10am) on their computers and the following video popped up on the TNA website: