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TNA website: "TNA Board of Directors Hold Emergency Meeting"

The TNA website just posted the following, teasing something big in the works:

Just 1-day before this week's IMPACT, we can exclusively report that the TNA Board of Directors has called an emergency meeting in Dallas, TX. We can also report that neither President Dixie Carter or Director of Wrestling Operations MVP are in attendance at this meeting.

Speculation began this morning that something major was in the works and, sources revealed, that a board meeting was called early this morning - with many top executives being unreachable all day.

This is not the first emergency meeting of the past two weeks. As we revealed earlier this week, the TNA Board of Directors has held several meetings since Slammiversary - one of which resulted in the return of the 6-sided ring.

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What will these meetings hold for the future of TNA? One can only hope that more positive change is ahead! Stay tuned to for more info as we have it!