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TNA's talent meeting; news on The Wolves

TNA held a talent meeting yesterday. There was nothing significant to come out of the meeting. The meeting was just basically a talk about social media. Spike TV has been tweeting about the show and some more ideas were pitched about that at yesterday's meeting. There is a feeling among talent that Dixie owes them the courtesy to at least give them some heads up about the company's future. Unfortunately for may of the talent there is no place to go so they are stuck at TNA or they must wrestle independent shows if they leave or get released from TNA. I know of a few guys hoping to get in with Jeff Jarrett's promotion when/if it launches this year.

The Wolves did not wrestle at the Impact tapings that air next week. They were pushed to be brought in by Dave Lagana. Davey Richards has a reputation for not being someone that is easy to get along with so time will tell if he lasts in TNA.

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