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TNA's talks with former WWE star are getting serious, Sting, TNA contracts expiring

The Wrestling Observer newsletter is reporting that talks with MVP are getting serious although the belief in TNA is that they think they have him and he will be starting soon. The TNA investor storyline kicked off just shortly after MVP had agreed to come in to the company so from a timing standpoint it makes sense that he's the guy being pegged as the investor. The storyline is expected to go until October with MVP as a babyface.

If Sting does return then they can have the new investor sign him to a new contract. However, the belief in WWE still is that Sting is going to WWE.

Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian's contracts are set to expire in April. Daniels is one of the few guys left with one of the better contracts. Pretty much everyone with a good deal is expecting changes so the speculation is that Daniels could be part of their cost-cutting.

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