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Tommy Dreamer buries Dixie Carter at House of Hardcore IV

Tommy Dreamer's House of Hardcore is going on tonight in Poughkeepsie, New York. We got a report from Chris who is attending the show.

Tommy Dreamer came to the ring with Abyss and Devon and announced that there are TV cameras shooting for a nationally syndicated show. Dreamer could not elaborate further because of legal reasons but said that people will know when it happens and they will react to it.

Dreamer then said that he is the original Paul Heyman guy and he's not going to lie to the fans that bought a ticket. Dreamer noted that someone was missing from the ring (Bully Ray). Fans chanted "F*** you Dixie." Tommy said that he got a phone call around 11:30pm last night and was told that Bully was being pulled from HOH because he had to go to some Spike show, per Dixie's orders. Dreamer said that Dixie is a twitter mark and told the fans to feel free and tell her how they feel. Fans chanted "F*** that b*tch."

Tommy promised that he would get her back for this and said that he's tired of people like her abusing people like him and the fans. He said "b*tch, I will get you for this."

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Dreamer said that now they will get to business. Abyss attacked both Devon and Dreamer and asked Dreamer who the hell he thinks he is. He said that Dixie has employed him for 12 years and she's his boss. Abyss chanted "TNA" and the fans chanted "sucks." Rhino then hit the ring and looked like he was going to attack Abyss but it was a swerve and he attacked Dreamer. Rhino asked Dreamer how dare he book Rhino to sign autographs and not have him there to wrestle. Then he told Abyss that he would be his partner later tonight.

Afterwards Dreamer told the fans that if anyone wants a refund they can go to the box office because of the last minute Bully Ray cancellation. Dreamer said that they will go old school tonight.