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Tommy Dreamer explains his comments about Moose on Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

On the latest episode of Busted Open Radio, Tommy Dreamer addressed the promo he gave on Impact Wrestling regarding Moose:

“We say that life often imitates art. There’s a reason why I went at it with Moose so hard. Moose and I were friends. I’ve known Moose for a long time. I think Moose should be a lot higher than where he is. I feel he is complacent. He made comments behind the scenes. We’re in some weird times. The first time we went back to Impact Wrestling, everyone was wearing masks. Just like everybody at home or when you go out, this was the first time we were out. It was scary. Impact Wrestling did everything in its power to make everyone feel comfortable during these times and gave people the option not to come to work, and pay people if they did not want to come to work and there was no heat, no ramifications. Those television tapings at times were at times, difficult, but like professional wrestlers, we band together. During that time there was one person that complained. He complained about catering and then another time complained there was no more coffee and it was Moose. That really rubbed me the wrong way, just because, it’s like, hey man, we are all scared. Even driving home, I drove 15 hours to get to where I had to go. Then, I had to quarantine myself away from my family, away from my mom, for 14 days after that just because I didn’t want to get anybody sick. So, for somebody to complain about catering or about coffee, when honestly, by day 2, it was a lot more normal. It was a lot more the boys being the boys, but yes, everyone was social distancing. We had chairs perfectly set up away from people. But, he was the first person to complain. That really bothered me and there was another point. I took a picture and I sent it to him. A lot of times it was me, Eddie Edward and him always dressing in the same area. We were in Mexico City. I was wrestling Ace Austin. I was blown up. I went to the doctor because I was bleeding afterwards and I didn’t feel good. The doctor said we are at a higher altitude here in Mexico City and also you’ve been bleeding for 20 minutes. I come in the back. I have my rituals. I had a towel placed on my bag. That was my towel. After I come back from a match, I’m sweating and I’m bleeding a lot. I like to put a towel around my neck and cool down. I came back. Moose had left and my towel was on the floor and it had his footprints on it. He used my towel that I needed for my bloody head. He had a towel. It was my hotel towel, but he took it off my bag and used it for his feet so he could stand there so he didn’t have to put his feet on a dirty floor after he took a shower and all that stuff. I was furious. That was the last day of the tour. That’s what started this where me and Moose stopped talking. Yea, I will joke around with him, but our friendship went a different way.”

You can check out the promo in the video below.

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