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Tommy Dreamer indefinitely suspended by Impact Wrestling

Vice TV

Vice TV

PWInsider is reporting that Tommy Dreamer has been suspended indefinitely by Impact Wrestling. Impact's Ed Nordholm sent an email out today to the company roster and staff to announce the suspension.

It was noted in the email that the company was made aware of what Dreamer said on the Dark Side of the Ring episode that aired last night. The email stated that Dreamer's comments were "out of line with our core values" as a company.

It was also stated in the email that Dreamer was "asked to leave effective immediately" from the company offices in Nashville, TN. It was stated that anyone with questions or concerns could approach Nordholm, Gail Kim or Scott D'Amore. As of this writing, Dreamer has not commented on the situation.

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As noted earlier, Dreamer received a lot of backlash on social media for his comments that seemingly defended Ric Flair allegedly forcing himself on flight attendant Heidi Doyle during the infamous Plane Ride From Hell in 2002. Flair has been believed to be AEW-bound but one has to wonder if Tony Khan will be putting a halt to those plans.

Here are some of the clips that have made the rounds but if you want to watch the entire Dark Side of the Ring episode, it is up now on YouTube and embedded below under the tweets.

If you missed it, click below to see the Plane Ride From Hell episode of Dark Side of the Ring.